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Oreo AKA Orla





Finnegan (Loasian)

Trigger of Highland Hills


No Retired Dogs At This Time.

“Mack is smart, protective, and absolutely wonderful with other people, children, and dogs. I’ve never met a bigger cuddlebug than Mack, and I think that truly speaks to the nature of the Shiloh breed. I am so thankful to have met “Granny G” (owner of Highland Hills) and I appreciate her willingness to answer all of my questions throughout this first year. Thank you again for such a perfect companion.”

Madeline Brydges (Saratoga, NY)

“He is so good with people, dogs, always smiling, so smart and so playful and he is an absolute joy! I have to tell you he is the best puppy I have ever had! Thanks so much and hope all is well with you and your family – human and canine!”

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