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Porsche is a classy girl, a girly girl with a calculating very predicable personality. She loves her spa days and to be pampered. Find more about Porsche here.


Huscha is a non-angulated German Shepherd of large size and less drive. As you can see….She is perfectly beautiful! One of Huscha’s favorite things to do, is to lick our Grandson’s hands, face, and floor after every meal! The most important thing Huscha does is keep our home safe by sleeping with one eye open guarding the front door.


Rheanna reminds me of a big beautiful wolf that should be running around in the wild. It’s also the way I felt sometimes raising her mom as well. But I assure you she is all Shiloh Shepherd. If you have a thing for that wolf look, as I do, then chances are you will love Rheanna!


If Olimpia were a human she could manage her children, home, and work a 60 hour week and still be amazing! Olimpia loves to compete for attention, and generally wins. I guess we could say that Olimpia is an overachiever. This Shiloh has passed all of her health tests with flying colors, and with hips like hers, I think she would love to do agility training!


Amelia is my mama’s doggie, she “had” to keep her at home with us… Amelia would not leave mom’s side, mom suffers from Alzheimer’s and Milley likes to be needed. This Shiloh Shepherd also knows how to exactly get what she wants with a titled head and a wink. She’s got the moves! She’s also a service dog.


When Pearl was born she was one of those kids like in The Lion King you want to hold up to the sky and beam over! As she grew I could see her constantly watching me, making solid eye contact, always a good sign of a potential service dog. Her coat grew in thick, silky soft, plush and long! She has more growing to do, but already she is becoming the whole package!

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