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Finnegan (Loasian)

Finnegan is a healthy, strong well adjusted at times human like actual person you could be talking to, and I love it! Finnegan has many accomplishments which also includes his Good canine citizen certificate. Finnegan is a true blue dog, a brave heart and a dog that would stop a train. Yes, in this day and age, I want desire and love having my FinnyFoo. My daughter Carly always says she thinks finny is to good for us, just because he is so awesome! Everyone that meets him wants to take him home. It’s funny because he is not for sale. Finn welcomes our guests into our home graciously when we are home with a handshake and a bow. I personally think seeing a dog like him is a complete deterrent from people that have bad intentions. Finnegan stays absolutely content at home doing his job, however when we go places he loves that too! This is very important in a big dogs life. However. Finn is not a easy dog to travel with, my jeep rocks from side to side because of his weight…he turns on the over head lights with his back and when he sits in the front seat I cant see around him! When I come home is where I want my Finnegan always sitting. Tall, strong and proud, guarding my lovely garden gate. Finnegan is our faithful guardian dog a Loasian Shepherd of Highland Hills. Finnegan has passed all our standard heath testing. And far beyond just DNA, ….Heritage reports were used in the creation of the Loasian. We also Included testing for possible medication sensitivity or heath issues that may arise in the future. Yep….You can feel excited and confident that we have done our work at Highland Hills. Finnegan, Finn, A.K.A Finnyfoo is over 160 pounds and still growing. Yep we love each and every pound of our sweet Finnyfoo…Perfection!


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