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Rheanna reminds me of a big beautiful wolf that should be running around in the wild. It’s also the way I felt sometimes raising her mom as well. But I assure you she is all Shiloh Shepherd. If you have a thing for that wolf look, as I do, then chances are you will love Rheanna! Rheanna is a perfect balance of everything that is good. This Shiloh Shepherd is a magnificent creature, she is almost dreamy and angelic all at the same time. I remember when Rheanna’s mom and Shebear both fed each other’s babies along with kittens, all together. Rheanna proves to be just like her Mama Stevie, also feeding a kitten that was orphaned while nursing her very first litter. She even let the curious parrots climb on her whelping box! You know what they say, the apple never falls far from the tree, and I happen to love that old tree. Rheanna is just spectacular with a heart of gold, always happy in any social situation. I would not change one thing about this Shiloh Shepherd, because she is truly perfect. A picture is worth a thousand words.


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