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Gus was a baby when this was taken, I really need to learn how to update my pictures. This Shiloh is a sweet beef cake wrapped in a cream sable plush coat. He is definitely a unique character, and actor. Gus is sweet, endearing, and a heartfelt young gentleman. Augustus is everyone’s referee, complaint manager, consoler and protector. One long talk with him and those expressive eyes … you can’t help but believe he is hanging on every word. The best therapist ever! Gus is also an extremist – a burr in his foot means he is on his back with his foot up to the sky as if to say, “Hey, come look at this, will you?” Gus is  entertaining, and very theatrical. When Gus is done growing I expect him to be extreme in size. He is taking after his papa who is the largest Shiloh shepherd I or our past register of the National Shiloh breeders Dog registryJudy V has ever seen as well as my self...Thats really impressive on its own. We expect only great things from our Gus. We just adore him. Gus is also very protective over me and my feelings. I love that about him.


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