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# Loasian Puppies are here!

The Loasian's are here! They will be ready for their forever homes around September 30th2018!

Porsche and Finnegan have amazing fat chunky puppies. These puppies will grow to be of extreme size. If you are capable of handling, socializing, and housing a 150 pound plus canine,  then this breed may be for you. I know Im excited! Like the excitement I felt as a little girl on Christmas morning excited! To watch our past Loasian's grow has been incredible. OMG I just shake my head back and forth with a huge grin on my face when I look at these puppies. These Loasian’s will not only be huge, intelligent, calm, protective, but also just darn amazing.

Daddy Finnegan with Miss Porsche, priceless. Well her name says it all. Porsche is a classy girl with a calculating very predicable personality. I love that.

Porsche is the full package. Perfect health, impeccable lineage, strength, power, the perfect temperament to go with Finn, Priceless.

Loasian pups like their mom and dad will sit tall and proud watching over their Kingdom.

They love to do that… I love it when they do that! They love their families more then the air they breath. I will never understand how something can be so powerful, yet so totally gentle. Always giving you their paw to hold in your hand.

When properly trained and socialized the Loasian's can accomplish many things. Finn, my Loasian also received his Canine Good Citizen. Porsche like the Loasian is an extremely quiet dog in your home. Loasian's are not barkers outside unless something needs attention. Believe it or not you easily forget your Loasian's are around you inside or out. Then quietly they are at your side. I Love that!! Their size always amazes me. The Loasian moves like a sloth in your home, until they are not! I love that too!

One of our first Loasian’s were sold to an animal production Coordinator, Marisa Bellis AMB training llc. Marisa works around the world with exotic and domesticated animals on film and television sets. Marisa was and is completely over the moon in love with her Loasian from Highland Hills. Famous already? I cant stand it! Our Loasian on the silver screen shooting animal scenes and stunts? I can safely say we can expect to see our Loasian in a theater near you. Amazing! Maybe a sitcom? Who knows. We will have to see. How exciting! All good things come to those that are awesome! Highland Hills is awesome. Discover the magic, changing lives one puppy at a time.

Lowanda the Loasian from our last litter ears up!   Osso below, ears cropped.

We currently have 3 Loasian's available, Osso and his two sisters will be ready for their forever homes the last week of this month.These puppies are amazing and heavily boned. For their pictures, please contact me at (716) 698-4580  Osso's picture is the puppy to the right with cropped ears. His sister Loretta is not cropped. Lorain has been cropped. It's a personal preference. I do not care for downed ears. I find downed ears promotes bacteria, we have alot of water by us. Loasians should be cropped or glued up to promote them to stand. If I have cropped puppies ears already its because the ears were so big mostly  due to the size of the breed it was unlikly they would stand even when gluing. Like I said everyone must do what they feel is best for their puppy. The Loasian puppies are amazing just like their daddy Finagen. #Loasian love

Loasians available!



Deposits can be sent to Gail Hamm p.o box 185 Yorkshire Ny 14173

You can also use PayPal to Gail Hamm 716 698-4580 . This must be sent as a gift so you can not take the money back out. Please be sure you want one of our pet Shiloh puppies before you deposit your $500 as it is NON refundable unless I do not have a puppy for you, or what you want. If that is the case you can flip your deposit to the next litter or your money will be refunded in full immediately your choice.

After your deposit has been placed I will print out your application and get to work for you in choosing the appropriate puppy for your home and life style. Sit back and relax you came to the right place. When only the best will do choose Highland Hills!

Please note we do not sell to breeders or to show people. We sell pets and companions. We want our doggies living in homes with their families or for service work as they excel in it. I believe we are the only Shiloh breeders out there producing service dogs.

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“I will only purchase from Highland Hills Shilohs. Gail is the most knowledgeable breeder I have ever spoken to. Gail cares deeply about the dogs she breeds and will answer any question for one of her customers. My Odin came from her kennel and he is the sweetest natured fellow and being trained to become my service dog.” – Arthur Brockner

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