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Pearl loves to love, just like her Grammy Shelby always did. When Pearl was born she was one of those kids like in The Lion King you want to hold up to the sky and beam over! I wondered if she would be like her black Grammy Shelby? Could I be so blessed? As she grew I could see her constantly watching me, making solid eye contact, always a good sign of a potential service dog. Her coat grew in thick, silky soft, plush and long! Pearl has more growing to do, but already she is becoming the whole package! Genetics like these are certainly ones to be very proud of. I’m very proud I was able to continue them into the future. Pearl is one of the best and most gentle babysitters ever, kind and considerate to everyone she meets. She has a tender heart and is a protector. She positions herself at night to watch over me as I sleep. I wonder if when she gets older she will also make bed check rounds at night like her grammy did? I really enjoy Pearl’s company, she’s so sweet.


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