About the Loasian

The Loasian's are under development by Highland Hills. They are a rare breed made by "type" and following a pattern supplied by DNA and Heritage reports.  Not simply what we thought the dogs were, or what we were told… We had enough of that!

From the first thought of building this new breed it just seemed so right! My needs were to build this dog with more desire to protect my home, livestock, and most importantly my grandchildren while they were out in the pasture or simply hanging out at the farm.

A guardian Shepherd I could trust to leave at home while I roam about freely with my Shiloh Shepherd’s and Teddy Bear Shilohs, enjoying the beach or simply being service dogs.  Just knowing my home, family and pets were all safe and protected by my gate keeper, yes my proud Loasian watching over my garden gate…Priceless!

I have always said, you need to know where you are from, to know where you are going. … So stands true to breeding dogs successfully.  All of our heath testing including hips, genetic, and heritage reports while looking for any kinds of genetic defects have been completed.

The Loasian Shepherds are fist loving and loyal to their families, and are  natural peace keepers. They are  slow in movement, until they are not they can also leap like a lion if they need too. Strong, respectable, gentle and sometimes a bit stubborn, as they raise their eye brows up and down with complete expression at you. Loasians are highly intelligent. The Loasian is capable of many things.  The Loasian will not be a dog for everyone because of their HUGE size.  Of corse if you have needs and a desire like me....Perfect! I love big dogs! The Loasian is the complete package.  Over sized, super sized, calm, loyal, confident, predictable. Priceless!

  With any breed largest to smallest you have a responsibility to train and socialize your puppy so he, or she can grow to be a respectable well trained dog.  

The pictures below are of a Loasian male and also a Shiloh Shepherd female. We are working on updating this page with all new pictures of just the Loasians.


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