Past Pups

“If you want a perfect companion or addition to your family, these dogs are perfect! Worry free dogs around anything you may be concerned about.”

Ken Sheedy

“Our ‘pup’  without a doubt the gentlest dog we have ever had!! Our 2 year old grandson plays with him all the time and Titus can come charging past him and never knocks him down even if the grandson moves one way or another the dog avoids bumping him, they both think it’s a great game they play!!! Has my grandson giggling like crazy!! Love our pup, can’t wait till we can get him a companion!!”

Ron Dunkelberger

“Highland Hills Shiloh Shepherds is “The Best”! Gail is amazing. We got our boy Gunner from her 3 years ago. He is stunning, intimidating, loving, loyal, silly and smart as a whip. Everything we wanted and more. Gail’s knowledge and love for this breed is vast! She will be there to walk you through any questions or concerns you may have about growing your new pup into a healthy adult after he/she comes to you.”

Kimberly Ellison Castello

“You knew her as Brook and we know her as Khaleesi. She was the pup of Emma Wolf and Odin. She has been an amazing member of our family and refuses to leave our kids’ sides when we are out. I take her backpacking in the high sierras all the time. By the way she never needs a leash, even in the woods. Literally never. She is so obedient and loyal. No formal training. Just love.She has been one of the best things to ever happen to our family.”

Yuri Kapustin
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