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My family and I live on a beautiful 50-acre farm. The land is home to roaming Scottish Highlander cattle, a few cats, some chickens, and of course our parrot. But of course my pride and joy is our pack of Shiloh Shepherd and German Shepherd dogs. And here they have freedom to roll in green grass and meadows, explore deep, dark woods, and swim in creeks and ponds. Of course, they also have cattle and grandchildren to round up! I have been blessed to share my love for this special breed of dogs with my family and now our grandchildren.

About My Breeding Program

I have been a Shepherd breeder for 31 years. My goal is to give people what I consider to be the greatest gift: “man’s best friend” bred to be superior, loyal and very dedicated to the family. If you are looking for a companion dog, a family guardian, a therapy or service dog, I am here to help you select just the right Shiloh Shepherd puppy. My dogs are calm and steady, with easy-going personalities that make them perfect companions. They are smart, attentive, and engaged and love having meaningful work to do for their family. What they are NOT is the type of super high-drive Shepherds that excel in jobs involving aggressive work or training, like police work or military service. Our dogs are bred to be great family pets and service dogs. If you’re looking for a tuned-in, intelligent dog who knows its job and does it well, my dogs may be a good fit for your needs.

"Our Ellie is 10 months, and we adore her. We are always getting compliments on not only how beautiful Ellie is, but how she is the best behaved dog in the dog park. She visits it for 2 hours every day!” – Becky Reithmayr

History of Our Pack

When I began my breeding program, I studied under my mentor, Gerhardt Siegert. A breed warden in Germany, Gerhardt continued his work here in the United States where I was blessed to have him be my mentor. Gerhardt put the greatest care in his dogs and his breeding program, and I’m sure we have made him proud. I think of him often, and I’m grateful to him for helping me breed my forever best friend, Tonja – who I know he holds with him in heaven.

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“I have had many, many shepherds in the past but this one is really special! Whip-smart, calm, loving, and oh-so-loyal. And she’s a show-stopper, too, because she is just stunning looking. Everyone stops me to ask about her!” – Leslie Silverman

Highland Hills Shilohs

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