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Finnegan (Loasian)

Finnegan is an amazing huge Guardian dog. Everyone that meets him goes completely bonkers over him. This Loasain is a loyal peace keeper, guardian and referee. Finn has those expressive human eyes, he kills me every time. This Loasian pays attention to you, your story and hangs on to every word. When Im in the pasture he wont let me out of his site. He is protecting me :} He loves meeting new people and always gives his paw. Finnegan has many accomplishments which also includes his Good Canine Citizen Certificate. Finnegan is a true blue dog, a brave heart and a dog that could stop a train. Yes, in this day and age, I want desire and love having my FinnyFoo. He is amazing. I feel safe with him. Wouldn't you?


This cream sable plush coat shiloh Shepherd is actually hard to describe. He is definitely a unique character. Our Shiloh girls all go crazy over him, my husband always says he acts like Huge Heffner with all his Shiloh ladies around him.  He's kind of a big deal around here.


My Heart, and loyal companion. Ty is an amazing Shiloh Shepherd. This Canine Good Citizen and Certified Service dog was born directly from dogs that have long ago passed over the rainbow bridge. Dogs that were so incredible and important that they were preserved for the future with the utmost care.

Trigger of Highland Hills

Trigger, When I look at him ...I always think about the 3 pigs....  I will huff and puff..But Trig.....Read more!

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