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Odin is a gentleman with presence, along with a perfect combination of brave heart and Rin Tin Tin. He is perfection at its best when looking for an over sized Shepherd. Odin has been collected for future use in our breeding program. Odin is an AKC German Shepherd but also carries a Dual registration of Shiloh, which was bestowed on him from the Shiloh registry. I assure you I had nothing to do with it. Odin is that of the same “type” that the breed founder of the Shiloh Shepherd built the Shiloh from. Without this “type” and temperament of German Shepherd dog, the Shiloh Shepherd would not exist, period! Odin is a true member of our family, and protector over our family and land. He is never far from my side at work, while always keeping me safe from any harm that could come my way. People that meet Odin seem to take a few steps back at first, as his sheer size alone is complete intimidation. He then has the ability to quickly steal hearts and earns the trust of the trustworthy. Odin has come to my rescue twice when I needed protection. Odin is now a very old man but he will continue on at Highland Hills as we have taken the steps so he can be reproduced and live on again with the help of our fertility clinic.


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