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Trigger of Highland Hills

Please bear with us, Unfortunately, This is not a picture of Trigger on this page. But it is his picture on the Stud page! I can't seem to find someone to correct the about their pages. Anyways Trigger is a young man, just turning15 months.... so he has another 1.5 years to grow.! At such a young age this  Teddy Bear Shiloh Shepherd has many accomplishments, like his dad he is a Certified Service dog.  A huge gentleman with a big presence. Which in this day of age, I love and appreciate! This Teddy Bear Shiloh Shepherd is the perfect combination of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. And now at 15 months we are seeing that he is literally watching out over his land to make sure his chickens and horses are safe from all predators, while remaining a  gentle giant that needs to stay next to baby's and puppies while supplying concern, and protection, Trigger and his dad are truly a copy of each other! Thats what I call locking in genetics ! Trigger is perfection at its best when looking for an over sized Shepherd.  Without this “type” and temperament of our Shepherd dog's.... I just could not imagine.  Im proud of the years of service we have supplied to people. Trigger is a true member of our family and now proctor over his land. He loves me fiercely and is never far from my side, he works the farm with me every day and has also mastered herding the pups and chickens. I know he would protect me with his life, he loves his mom and is dedicated!  When people first see Trigger come around the corner at the stores they stop, like they cant believe their eyes, then take a few steps back at first, but Trigger literally smiles and has the ability to quickly steal hearts and earns the trust of the trustworthy.


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