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Ty's daddy had been in the deep freeze for over a decade before he was born, but with the help and assistance of hospital staff and fertility specialist, my Ty boy was born! This Shiloh Shepherd came into the world with the biggest warmest heart, smart as a whip and friend to everyone and animal he meets.  Ty is the poster boy of what a great Shiloh Shepherd should be. Ty has been working as a service dog since the age of seven months old. Ty also has his good Canine Citizen. He has made himself the care giver of each and every puppy! its true, he really spends the whole day, just loving them! This Shiloh Shepherd of "type" travels every where with me and is changing lives one lick at a time. Ty has a fantastic head, perfectly set ears, a big wide chest, heavy bone, plush coat and a back as straight as an arrow. He weighs in at 145 Yep this is the complete package when it comes to Shiloh Shepherd. I love my Ty dog. Ty is also an accomplished breeder, who's progeny is as incredible as him.  Get ready to fall in love, and be dazzled. You can always call for updated pictures and videos anytime!


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