About the Teddy Bear Shiloh's

I shall call them Teddy Bear Shiloh's.

Teddy Bear Shilohs have intelligence beyond compare and desire to make you happy and keep you smiling. They hang on every word, with eyes full of expression, huge hearts and are wonderful secrete keepers while caring for their families. They love to be loved and they give it freely. If you need their help they will be there for you in a hurry no matter what.

Teddy Bear Shiloh's do great on farms and suburban life.

These Shilohs are faithful, loyal, whip smart and excel in all kinds of service work. They are Rin Tin Tin and Lassie all rolled into one. Their super sized body is a fantastic deterrent to predators, In these uncertain times, I Love that! They are  peaceful loving dogs when raised properly just as the common Shiloh Shepherd dog. I have actually witnessed them teach others lessons threw example on how to behave which includes human's and animal's. Its the darnedest thing! Alway's, thinking. ..They love to meet new people always giving their paw for a how do you do. They come in long coats and plush coats and many colors like the common Shiloh's. Teddy Bear Shilohs do well in extreme heat and cold temperatures. They are fantastic with the young and elderly, they are always accommodating to special needs, and situations.

Teddy's are made by the exact same practices used in creating the Shiloh Shepherd dog. We do this by using  like breeds to improve the health, work, temperament size, and longevity.  

Why we became Pioneers

I have been a serious, dog breeder of long coated shepherds of TYPE for over 40 years.  The waters are a bit muddy in the world of Shilohs, probably in all breeds. I have known that since I was brought into the Shiloh groups. It was actually the NSBR that came to me for help by using my Shepherds of type  which I ended up declining due to the practices that I was made aware of.

it's why I made the choice to create the out crosses I used in producing my Teddy Bear Shiloh Shepherds. I needed to continue to make a type of Shiloh of what they once truly were, not what the new breeders  thought they were or were told.. Thats all wrong and DNA and heritage reports now prove that. So ....we needed to get back to what we knew was in the making of the Shiloh Shepherd dog, I also desired to get back to size and that beautiful "type " of Shepherd Im always talking about while keeping heath in its top priority. You must understand that there was great division of the Shiloh breeders, many of them with no real understanding as to what and who the actual dogs were, and what they were breeding on because of the discrepancies made to the AKC., and with a wave of the pen German Shepherds of type,  became Shiloh Shepherds. With the breed founders passing, wrong information of what was truly in the making of the Shiloh Shepherd breed would surely be gone forever. We wont and cant do that.

That would be a complete sin.

So I became the pioneer of The Teddy Bear Shiloh's under development by highland Hills

With any breed smallest to largest you have a responsibility to train and socialize your puppy so he, or she can grow to be a respectable well trained dog.  


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